IT demand management tool Influunt

Intuitively Orchestrate And Simplify IT Demand Management

Influunt, is a comprehensive service delivery manager platform tool built on JIRA that enables optimisation of IT resources as well as predicting and organising consumption cycles.

How Influunt is implemented

Gather Requirements
1.Gather Requirements
Identify your IT demand process requirements.
Further integrations
3.Further integrations (If required)
Influunt adapts as your organization scales. Based on JIRA, Influunt includes a module for integrations at different levels with a large number of specific applications including; Orbis (DevOps), New Relic, Nagios, ERPs,Active Directories and more.

Benefits of Influunt

The capability for managing IT services from the lifecycle viewpoint, incorporating improvements in its management model on a continuous basis, allows your IT Department to maximise its value within the organisation.

Minimise operational risks with Influunt

Miniminise Operational Risks

Implementation of the various demand management phases in order to reduce the initial personalisation effort.
Automate IT demand management with Influunt


Complete and accurate modelling of the IT demand process management.
Improve resources efficiency with Influunt

Efficiency and Cost Control

Improve efficiency, reduce costs and balance your resources.
Informed Decisions Making with Influunt

Informed Decisions Making

Brings visibility through real-time information on IT processes and QA.
Readiness and Responsiveness with Influunt

Readiness and responsiveness

Increase speed and enhance your capacity to respond to changes in the business.
Improve service levels with Influunt

Improve Service Levels

Optimally manage SLAs compliance and resources demand to control and fulfill the methodology and established agreements, both at internal and external levels.
Full control of IT service demand life cycle with Influunt

Full control

Monitor and control of the entire IT service demand life cycle, covering various typologies such as; development, delivery, corrective maintenance and supplementary services.
Simplify IT service demand management with Influunt


Influunt only requires basic administration tasks via a simple interface, common to all of the project participants including; clients (demand generators), providers and subcontractors.

Want to coordinate demand changes in a continuous, transparent and practical manner?