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DevOps and ALM

As a software development company, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) has been at the heart of Xeridia’s business since its inception.

Our Scrum-certified professionals have spent many years leading and working on projects that break down the silos between development and operations to build more collaborative teams that can develop reliable applications faster using DevOps methodologies.

At Xeridia, we help you manage and automate your DevOps processes at every stage and measure their performance:

Devops process with ORBIS
  • Resources and Team
  • Development Process
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment
  • Quality Assurance and Security
  • Operations and Infrastructure
  • Agile Product Release

DevOps with

DevOps and ALM with Atlassian Tools

DevOps with

DevOps and ALM with Google Cloud Platform

DevOps with

DevOps and ALM with Azure

Benefits of DevOps to Improve ROI

Increase the speed of your deployments

x 208 Deployment
x 106 Faster delivery

Improve the stability of your software

x 2.604 Improvement in
speed of
incident recovery
x 7 Reduction in

Improve the stability of your software

x 2.604 Improvement in
speed of
incident recovery
x 7 Reduction in

Integrate security from the beginning

x 50% Savings in

Integrate security from the beginning

x 50% Savings in

Source: State of DevOps reports from 2017 and 2019. Google Cloud.

DevOps Consultancy Services

We work closely with our customers on the challenges associated with implementing these frameworks, including the cultural, organisational and technological implications. During this consultancy process, we usually work with our customers’ development, architecture or methodology departments, over several phases:


Preliminary audit

We analyse your current processes, from communication and collaboration, to automation and integration between the project management, development and operations teams.



We develop a tailor-made strategy and framework based on the right tools, processes and resources to enable your organisation to adopt DevOps best practices.



We provide guidance to your entire team and ensure they are aware of the need to cultivate a culture of collaboration.



We work alongside your teams, helping them ensure continuity in promoting the change and providing support during implementation.

Being efficient means delivering quality software 100 times faster.

Talk to a Scrum Master

Being efficient means delivering quality software 100 times faster.

Talk to a Scrum Master
Entrega de software más rápida Entrega de software más rápida

Deployment and Integration of DevOps Tools

DevOps with Atlassian – ORBIS Platform

Orbis is a complete solution for automating application lifecycle management that combines the full power of Atlassian and some of the best open source technologies on a single platform.

Thanks to its modular structure, Orbis can work with other tools and can be implemented incrementally in a flexible and scalable way that adapts to your current ALM or DevOps processes.

Plataforma DevOps Orbis

Features of Orbis

A successful ALM or DevOps methodology is highly dependent on the tools and technologies used.

Orbis brings together cutting-edge technologies and products that streamline development work and smooth the path for the operations team.

Atlassian Devops tools
Meets the needs of developers and system administrators.
Software quality analysis through SonarQube.
Automated document management through Confluence and Blueprints plug-ins.
Application Performance Monitoring using New Relic or Dynatrace.
Automation of integration and continuous delivery processes (Bamboo, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform).
Testing automation in all phases (unit, integration, functional, BDD, etc.).

Take your software development to the next level with Orbis

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DevOps with Google Cloud

Create quality software in record time with Google Cloud Platform’s Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) tools.

Xeridia can help you streamline your processing flows by leveraging automated build, test, artefact management and deployment tools in Google Cloud.

Google Cloud DevOps tools

Automation of the complete software development cycle in any environment: multi-cloud, hybrid or on-premise.

Automatic deployment on virtual machines (Cloud Engine), serverless environments (Cloud Functions), App Engine, Kubernetes (GKE), etc.

Deliver unrivalled performance by developing on Google Cloud.

+ Faster

+ More Efficient

+ More Secure

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DevOps with Azure

Azure has a tool for every phase of the application life cycle. This means you can build an end-to-end DevOps solution from planning to CI/CD.

Azure is highly flexible and versatile, allowing you to deploy on any platform or cloud – even on-premises – and build the architecture that best suits your needs: virtual machines, microservices in Kubernetes, etc.

Herramientas para DevOps de Azure

Test automation and automated workflow creation.

Provisioning of development environments in minutes.

Integration of other external open-source tools into the life cycle: Jenkins, Terraform, Jira, etc.

Accelerate innovation with the flexibility and security of Azure’s multi-cloud platform

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DevOps Development

Another way we help our customers to implement DevOps processes is by developing projects in which a Xeridia team – collaborating and coordinating with the customer – applies best practices and tools to demonstrate the benefits of these processes quickly and effectively. Subsequently, the goal is to replicate this proven and successful development model to other customer projects and other teams, leading to a total transformation of the customer’s software development processes.

Enterprise Software Development Services

Our software development teams work on application modernisation projects and on developing business applications with a high degree of technical complexity.

Over the years, Xeridia has accumulated a comprehensive technology stack. This allows us to provide solutions to a wide range of clients with diverse needs.

Cloud Architectures

GCP, Spring Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes

Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning

TensorFlow, keras, SparkDL Pipelines, Python, R

Big Data

Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, ELK, Node-RED, NiFi


JIRA, Confluence, Service Management, Bitbucket, plug-in development

Front-end Web Development

Angular JS, VueJS, React, ZK, Sencha, OutSystems

Integration of Enterprise Solutions

(BPM, SOA, ESB) JBossFuse, ServiceMix, Kafka, RabbitMQ

Web Portals

Liferay, Drupal, Confluence, WordPress, Joomla!

Mobile Application Development

iOS, Android, OutSystems

We have been involved in 450 custom software development projects for more than 240 customers worldwide.

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