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Cloud Native Services

We design cloud and automation-based strategies that drive innovation, agility and efficiency.

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Cloud Services

Cloud consultancy

Plan your journey to the cloud with Xeridia’s software architects. They will help you design a customised roadmap for a successful implementation, analyse the current state of your infrastructure and advise you on the different cloud options available and estimated costs. Put your trust in the expertise of our Google Cloud and Azure certified professionals..

Cloud-native development

Xeridia will help you implement a flexible, microservices-based cloud-native architecture that accelerates the time-to-market and development life cycle of your cloud applications. To do this, we use Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure Container Services, with Docker Swarm or Kubernetes Services for ease of portability.

Application migration and modernisation

Xeridia will guide you towards rapid, secure and cost-effective cloud adoption. We perform pilot migrations of your applications to test your workloads in risk-free environments. We fine-tune the architecture to optimise costs and performance. Our cloud services range from simple lift-and-shift migration projects to the use of containers and the modernisation of cloud-native applications in public, hybrid or private clouds.

Developing cloud-based IoT solutions

Xeridia has a wealth of experience in developing IoT solutions that provide fast, secure communication between applications and devices, using powerful technologies such as Google Cloud IoT services or Azure IoT Hub.

Serverless application development

Simplify the complexity of your solution by developing serverless applications. No provisioning, maintenance or administration required. Computing services, databases, storage, the massive processing of events, etc.


Our DevOps service starts with analysing your software development life cycle and the set of technologies you use. We automate the provisioning and maintenance of your infrastructure and implement CI/CD/CD for your applications using cloud-native tools. Our teams are experts in implementing development pipelines on both Google Cloud and Azure. These processes help you improve the quality of your products, reduce deployment risks and accelerate the delivery of updates – all while ensuring maximum security.

Cloud Technologies

Cloud Technologies
Capabilities Google Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure
Cloud Computing
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virtual-machine app-service functions
azure-kubernetes-service service-fabric
cloud-functions app-engine cloud-run
cloud-sql datastore
mysql azure-sql cosmos-db
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