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Google Cloud Partners

We chose Google Cloud because of its unrivalled performance, scalability and reliability.

Google provides us with the technology and infrastructure to build the applications of today and of the future.


Google Cloud Solutions Specialists

Development of Cloud-Native Applications

We help organisations adapt to change with agility by accelerating the development of cloud-native applications in both web and mobile environments. Google Cloud Platform provides a flexible, scalable and secure architecture that supports deployment in hybrid or multi-cloud environments using cloud-native technologies such as containers, serverless computing and microservices.

By harnessing the power of the cloud and applying DevOps methodologies, we can build, deploy and manage applications faster.

Development of Cloud-Native Applications

GCP Application Development Tools

Cloud Build Cloud Build
Cloud Code Cloud Code
Cloud Scheduler Cloud Scheduler
Cloud SDK Cloud SDK
Cloud Source Repositories Cloud Source Repositories
Cloud Tasks Cloud Tasks
Artifact Registry Artifact Registry
Cloud Deployment Manager Cloud Deployment Manager

Data Analytics

We equip companies with the skills to perform advanced analytics, enabling them to make smarter decisions and accelerate innovation. We obtain information that is critical for your business by using GCP tools to ingest, prepare, store and analyse all the information generated by your data sources.

We support you through the implementation of a fully managed platform. A solution that is scalable, low-latency and secure.

Data Analytics Google Cloud Platform

GCP Data Analytics Tools

BigQuery BigQuery
Data Catalog Data Catalog
DataFlow DataFlow
DataLab DataLab
Dataprep Dataprep
Dataproc Dataproc
Video Intelligence API Pub/Sub

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We boost competitiveness and efficiency by applying AI to key areas of your organisation.

Our Google-certified AI experts have extensive experience in the design, training and deployment of AI models and the use of Google’s pre-trained APIs.

This experience coupled with the proven potential of Google Cloud in this area enables us to provide a comprehensive response to critical organisational problems.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

GCP Machine Learning Tools

Cloud Vison API Cloud Vison API
Speech-to-text Speech-to-text
Text-to-speech Text-to-speech
Cloud Natural Language API Cloud Natural Language API
Cloud Translation API Cloud Translation API
Dialog Flow Dialog Flow
Video Intelligence API Video Intelligence API
AutoML AutoML
AI Platform AI Platform
Cloud TPU Cloud TPU

Application Modernisation and Cloud Migration

Migrating applications to Google Cloud implies a cost-saving compared to on-premise environments and improves performance, scalability and security.

At Xeridia, we have extensive experience in migrating applications from legacy architectures to cloud-native architectures. This process can be dramatically accelerated by using the Google Cloud Platform’s application migration tools.

Application Modernisation and Cloud Migration

GCP Application Migration Tools

Cloud Foundation Toolkit Cloud Foundation Toolkit
Migrate for Anthos Migrate for Anthos
Migrate for Compute Engine Migrate for Compute Engine
Google Kubernetes Engine Google Kubernetes Engine
Cloud IAM Cloud IAM
StackDriver StackDriver

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