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BigQuery: Simplifying Data Analysis

BigQuery: the fully managed data warehouse from Google Cloud

The exponential growth of big data requires tools that meet the three challenges created by the data we generate every day: speed, volume and diversity.

BigQuery is an enterprise-grade, multicloud, serverless data warehouse with integrated machine learning. Its high scalability, cost-effectiveness and analytics capabilities give companies the agility they need to drive growth.

BigQuery: the fully managed data warehouse from Google Cloud

Data Ingestion


Batch or streaming data upload with real-time queries.




Flexible and scalable cloud platform with high levels of security, governance and availability (99.99%).


Data Analytics


Ability to analyse petabytes of information with ANSI SQL and sub-second response times.




Easy integration with all leading business intelligence tools.


Integrate all your data sources into a single platform and get the most out of advanced analytics.

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Google BigQuery business applications

Predictive analytics with BigQuery

Our data science experts can help you predict risks and opportunities based on your own data. A holistic view that gives you a better understanding of what’s going on in your business so you can stay ahead of change.

By combining BigQuery with artificial intelligence tools, we can create numerous use cases that leverage predictive analytics. Personalised recommendations, customer lifecycle prediction, purchase intent or intelligent pricing are just some examples.

Implement a data-driven model by providing your teams with self-service reporting and intelligent analytics. This will help you optimise operational, financial and strategic decision-making.

Predictive analytics with BigQuery

Data warehouse migration

It’s not about the data, it’s about what you can do with it. Migrating data sets from a local, on-premise system to the cloud will not only improve your architecture, but also your potential.

Legacy storage systems are inflexible, difficult to integrate and very costly in terms of resources and maintenance.

Having a modern cloud-based data infrastructure is now a strategic advantage that gives you a single global view of all your data.

As a Google Cloud Platform Partner, Xeridia can help you migrate and modernise your data warehouse by optimising its architecture, performance and cost efficiency.

Migrating data warehouses using BigQuery

Integration of multiple data sources using BigQuery

We can create a data lake that brings together data from all your sources. BigQuery doesn’t care where the data comes from: local sources, federated tables, third parties or private clouds.

Xeridia has extensive experience in big data. We work with integration, transformation (ETL) and data ingestion systems and have a team of cloud architects certified by Google.

Integration of multiple data sources using BigQuery

Optimise the performance and costs of your data warehouse with help from a Google Cloud Platform partner.

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Main features of BigQuery


Fully managed. Infrastructure maintenance, security and upgrades are all included.


As it uses standard cloud SQL, BigQuery is flexible enough to connect to different clouds.

Integrated machine learning

BigQuery ML can create and train machine learning models in minutes. It integrates with Vertex AI and TensorFlow.

Real-time data capture and analytics

The platform’s high speed and low latency enables real-time database synchronisation and analysis.

High availability

Storage is automatically replicated to different locations at no additional cost.

Federated queries

Leveraging Cloud Storage, it can process multiple external data sources without transferring or copying the data.

Simple architecture and less data transfer

It functions as both a data warehouse and a data lake, simplifying the architecture. Workloads run directly in BigQuery.

Automatic backup

Backups are automatically created and stored for one week along with the change history.

Cost efficiency

Only pay for what you need. BigQuery pricing is flexible and calculated based on storage used and queries processed.

Your data holds the answers to your future business challenges.

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