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Xeridia’s team of certified professionals has extensive experience in all Atlassian products and services. We have been Atlassian Partners for more than 15 years.

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Atlassian Solution Partner in Spain

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We are an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

With over 15 years’ experience as an Atlassian Solution Partner and a team of certified experts who have worked on +200 Atlassian integration projects with emerging companies around the world, you can trust Xeridia.

Experts in results-oriented Atlassian consultancy

Our Atlassian experts will help you develop a strategy designed to achieve your goals and exploit the full potential of your tools. This will result in more agile and collaborative software development teams, shorter project lifecycles and more efficient demand management.

Whatever your needs, our experienced Atlassian Consultants can help you.

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new to Atlassian


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an existing Atlassian user


Do you want to plan, deliver and manage better software?

We can help you…

  • Identify areas of opportunity for embracing agile methodologies
  • Define cost-effective programs according to the needs of your team
  • Get the most out of Atlassian products
  • Set up the best procedures and systems including; workflows, templates, dashboards and more
  • Carry out migration and integration projects
  • Prove the power of Atlassian tools to your stakeholder

Or start up Atlassian's tools quickly and easily

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How we work

Concepción y viabilidad
1 Conception and feasibility Our consultants will get to know your key team members to fully understand your situation and assess your current processes.
Pasar a la acción
2 Taking action We work hand-in-hand to define cost-effective strategies and action plan so your team is able to unlock the full potential of Atlassian tools and optimize workflows.
Concepción y viabilidad
3 Constantly improving We build long-lasting relationships with our clients thanks to proven customer satisfaction and long-term support. Our expert agile practitioners will accompany you all the way so you make the right decisions, at the right time.

I want to embrace Atlassian

I am…
an existing Atlassian user


Frustrated with your software development process not returning the benefits and advantages expected? Our expertise will help you get the most from Atlassian tools.

We can help you…

  • Tackle pitfalls before they become critical issues
  • Design an effective roadmap for change
  • Improve and develop existing procedures and systems including; workflows, templates, dashboards, and more
  • Make the most out of your Atlassian tools

Get the most out of Atlassian's products

Let's talk about your needs

How we work

Análisis inicial
1Health review We inspect your current agile processes to:
  • Identify areas of improvement for your team and system.
  • Ensure a comprehensive understanding of the roles and responsibilities involved in the process.
  • Check if the development procedures are at peak performance.
  • Check tool usage to ensure there is no wastage.
Pasar a la acción
2Adaption At this stage we identify IT issues that need to be rectified and design a consistent and efficient action plan to meet your needs. The roadmap will allow your team leverage the many advantages of Atlassian tools as well as optimise and enhance workflows, speed and quality.
3Delivery Delivery of the action plan, adapting and revising your existing agile framework to simplify and improve them.

Installation and configuration of Atlassian products

Xeridia will help you configure the Atlassian ecosystem your team needs. From Quickstart packages for the rapid installation of specific Atlassian products to more complex configurations and integrations. Trust in our experience to accelerate the implementation of these products.

Servicio Quickstart

With our quickstart installation service, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Leverage our experience to get you up and running with Atlassian more quickly and efficiently, and avoid all the usual pitfalls and problems.

Functional. Simple. Reliable.

1 READY Agile basic requirements gathering.
2 SET Installation and integration of the necessary tools: JIRA Software, JIRA Service Management, Confluence, JIRA Work Management and LDAP integration.
3 GO! Knowledge transfer
to your team and you’re up and running!
 7 days 
Contact with Atlassian Experts

Get The Right Support And Maintenance From Guaranteed Atlassian Gold Partners

Whether you want to enhance your Atlassian processes on an ongoing basis or need dedicated help in upgrading, administrating and maintaining your Atlassian tools, we have the right experts.

Choose an agile, effective and riskless service

  • Diagnose and debug problems
  • Advanced remote support and maintenance
  • Flexible support services that fit your requirements
  • Clearly defined and stringent SLAs
  • Rapid response time
  • High commitment

    And find the plan that’s right for you

    Find the plan that's right for you
    Blocks of Hours 40-100 / 101-25040-100 / 101-250>250
    Coverage Hours 9x59x5Customised
    Estimated Response TimeCritical Incidents4 hours2 hoursImmediate
    Non-Critical Incidents24 hours8 hours4 hours
    Technical SupportSupport TicketsOkOkOk
    Production Incidents  Ok
    Migration OpcionalPersonalizado
    Backups and Data Recovery OkOk
    Platform Administration
    (configuration, workflows, user management, etc.)
    Software Development  OkOk
    Atlassian Products Covered JIRA
    Service Management
    Service Management
    All Atlassian products
    DevOps Tools
    Support for other Open Source platforms (Ansible, Jenkins, SonarQube, etc.)   Ok
    Communication ChannelsCustomer PortalOkOkOk
    Email/Chat OkOk
    Teams, Zoom, etc  Ok
    Usage Report Upon completionQuarterlyMonthly
    Service Review Meeting   Ok
    Contract Period 12 months12 monthsCustomised
    Billing In advanceIn advanceMonthly (by usage)

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    Custom development of Atlassian Plugins

    The Atlassian Marketplace has a vast array of add-ons that will help you get the most out of your tools. However, you may need one or more custom plugins to turn those tools into a complete solution perfectly aligned to your business needs. At Xeridia, we have developers with vast experience in the Atlassian ecosystem who can design the features you need and integrate them into your application.
    Atlassian Plugins

    Migrations and Atlassian Hosting for Cloud, Data Center and Server

    Atlassian Plugins
    Our consultants can advise you on the different hosting options and their characteristics, helping you choose the optimum solution for your business. Reducing costs and improving the overall efficiency of your company are goals we strive for in all our solutions.
    If you’re looking to migrate your Atlassian tools or Apps from Server to Data Center or Cloud, we can help you. The migration will be carried out securely and quickly, without any loss of information and tailored to your specific needs. At Xeridia, we have more than 15 years’ experience, and we offer our customers a personalised, agile and scalable process that they trust.

    Take your team to the top with Atlassian products

    We are experts in integrating and configuring all Atlassian products.

    Atlassian MarketPlace
    Atlassian MarketPlace
    Jira Software

    Develop software and manage projects and incidents in an agile and collaborative way. Reduce time, plan, supervise and measure with the flexibility that your teams need.


    Create a collaborative space where teams can share knowledge and information in an efficient, scalable and secure way.

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