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Xeridia is now an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner


Since we became partners of the Australian company 10 years ago, our dedication, effort and work with our customers has enabled us to progress from Silver to Gold – and now to Platinum!

This growth is the result of the quality and number of projects implemented in and around the Atlassian ecosystem, providing personalised services with which we have managed to exploit for our customers the full potential of the Atlassian tools, in Server, Cloud and Data Center versions.

Over the years, we have worked with customers in the most demanding sectors (financial, insurance, public sector, etc.), in different countries (UK, Spain and Latin America) and on different types of projects:

  • Complete management of technological and non-technological projects with Jira Software, Jira Core and Confluence.
  • Confluence implementations with a high degree of customisation, through the development of Blueprints, Space Blueprints and plugins.
  • Automation of identity management processes.
  • Jira Service Management implementations with comprehensive asset management (supported by plugins such as Riada Insight Discovery).
  • Migration of service management tools, specifically from ServiceNow to JIRA Service Management.
  • Migrations and version updates, with updates to plugins in certain cases.
  • Ad hoc development of plugins in JIRA and Confluence, e.g. for calculating KPIs required by the customer for IT demand management.

At the same time, our products ORBIS for DevOps and Influunt for IT Demand Management have been developed around JIRA Software and other Atlassian products.

Throughout this entire period, Xeridia has continuously supported several customers in implementing ever more processes in the Atlassian environment. We have also implemented the solution for many customers who we then trained to ensure they could maximise the benefits of their tools independently.

With this recognition, Xeridia is ranked number 2 in Spain and number 7 in the UK according to Atlassian’s partner ranking, with the highest number of certified people and business volume.

If your organisation needs to take full advantage of Atlassian’s products, please contact us. As a Platinum Solution Partner with more than 10 years’ experience, we have the solution that best suits your requirements.