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Get Your IT Department Responding To Requests Like A Well-Oiled Machine

Xeridia enhances how you organise, understand and manage the growing pressure put on IT.
Our IT demand management consultancy team will help you effectively assess which projects will deliver the greatest value to your business, leading to better decision making.

Our Consultancy Approach

We have extensive experience helping our clients adopt a structured process to obtain a consolidated view of all the past, present and future requests made to IT. This means that you can achieve greater cost transparency, activity tracking and deliver the service or products in a timely manner.

How we work:

How it works

Gather Requirements

The first stage is to perform a comprehensive audit to get a full understanding of your organisational needs and constraints in terms of IT demand management, including; SLAs, reports, indicators and ratios and more.

Getting Down To Work

Once we get to understand the nature of your organization and how you operate, our expert consultants will work to shape a customized process framework that neither introduces new administrative headaches nor leaves your budget in disarray.

Strategy definition

Finally, we will put forward to you a definitive system that best fits your requirements, along with valuable best practices covering project optimisation and the rational and efficient use of your IT resources.

The results

An effective and cost-efficient IT demand management system

  • Manage demand peaks efficiently and execute your processes within IT strategically.
  • Predict and regulate consumption cycles.
  • Gain full visibility over the performance and status of IT operations.
  • Deliver greater value by aligning business objectives with IT priorities and investments.
  • Minimise risk by gaining control of your IT costs and resources.
  • Maintain established service quality levels, both internally and through providers (SLA).
  • Adapting production to ensure that services are always provided within the agreed timeframes and quality levels, both internally and through providers.
  • Increase IT department’s understanding of its own demand and supply chains.
  • Make informed and fact-based decisions.
  • Foster your organization´s ability to comply with regulations.

Now you can focus on the business outcomes of your IT projects

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IT demand managemente consultative appoach

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