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Only 12 months to go


A year to prepare you for the end of Server

The time to migrate to the cloud is now.

It’s official! The countdown begins to February 15, 2024, when support for Atlassian products in its Server deployment will end. We have helped our customers make the transition, but we want to continue to make the migration to the cloud easier for all companies that still have their Atlassian products on Server and need to make the leap.

What to expect in the next 12 months

After the end of support date, Atlassian and Marketplace Partners will no longer provide technical support for security updates or bug fixes needed to resolve critical vulnerabilities. Periodic security updates that help protect the customer’s business from threats and vulnerabilities will no longer be performed by the vendor, so we recommend switching to Cloud or Data Center products before the end of support date. In addition to losing support, customers who remain on server will experience:

  • Outdated software versions and decreased innovation

Customers will be using older, outdated versions of Jira and Confluence, which means that their teams will typically be using legacy technology with the consequent loss of new functionality and diminished product innovation.

  • Higher costs and security risk

Security and compliance are fundamental elements that are built into the Atlassian Cloud platform. If not moved to the cloud, companies can expect higher costs and risks associated with loss of business continuity, data theft, manual IT maintenance, legal and compliance liabilities, and potential loss of revenue due to downtime or unforeseen issues.

  • Reduced team productivity across the enterprise

The future of work is in the cloud. Because these teams are not focused on repetitive server administration tasks, they have time to focus on what matters: driving the business forward.

Start your migration now

Migrations require more time than most customers realize. A migration could take up to 6 months of work to prepare, plan, test and put into production. When working with a cloud migration in Enterprise or Corporate environments, that time period can be increased by the impact of existing customizations and the volume of the installation. Starting to plan now will ensure that your company will be well positioned in February 2024 and will not run the risk of security vulnerabilities or high maintenance costs.

Ready to get started?

Con 12 meses para la discontinuidad del producto Server, esperamos que este blog le ayude a tomar la decisión de iniciar el camino a la nube.

In Xeridia our consultants can offer you advice without obligation on the most appropriate options for your company, its sizing and also access to the special conditions of an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.