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List of actions considered as retaliation

The prohibition of retaliation is a right that the whistleblower has, guaranteeing his or her protection throughout the life cycle of the complaint. The following are some of the actions that may be considered retaliation:

  • Change of job position, change of workplace location, reduction in salary.
  • Downgrading or denial of promotion.
  • Denial of training, courses, among others.
  • Negative evaluation or references on work results.
  • Suspension, dismissal, dismissal or equivalent measures.
  • Imposition of disciplinary measures, reprimands or other sanctions, including reductions in rest periods or holidays.
  • Intimidation, harassment, discrimination or unfavourable treatment.
  • Physical, moral or reputational damage, including on social media.
  • Anonymous disclosure of information, identifying the whistleblower for hostility in the work environment.
  • Defamation proceedings outside the work environment.
  • Alleging the existence of a confidentiality clause between the whistleblower and the organisation, in order to punish the whistleblower for non-compliance.