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Xeridia successfully finishes the Smart City Energy Performance Analysis project


Xeridia has finished its SCEPA (Smart City Energy Performance Analysis) project successfully. The platform allows councils of more than 50.000 inhabitants control and improve their energy consumption easily and effectively. The platform was promoted by the SOUL-FI, an European accelerator project funded by the European Commission to improve urban life via innovative Future Internet solutions. SCEPA applies Fiware technology to monitor a city´s IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure and categorize them according to the KPIs associated with them. In order to do this, the Cloud platform Smarkia has been integrated with Fiware architecture through open protocols.




SCEPA is the definitive tool to help Smart Cities compare their energy performance in a standardized way. Now they are able to conduct a benchmark analysis not only on their own KPIs but also in comparison to other municipalities’ performance.


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