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XERIDIA aligns the assessment of its software processes to the ISO/IEC 33000 series of standards


This certification forms part of the continuous improvement process that began in 2007 with obtaining CMMI Level 2 and continued with obtaining ISO 15504 Level 3 (also known as SPICE Level 3). In addition to renewing its certification, Xeridia has aligned its processes to the new model defined by the ISO/IEC 33000 and ISO/IEC 12207:2017 L3 standards.

Xeridia has successfully achieved this certification through multiple examples of best practices related to Software Engineering as set out in some of the most interesting agile frameworks: Lean, eXtreme Programming, TDD, Kanban and Scrum. Together, these enable us to forge ahead with the development and continuous improvement of our DevOps Culture.

Since our inception in 2003, we have been committed to providing technological excellence in the development of custom software for our customers. That is why, at each step of the development cycle, we put in place continuous improvement models that allow us to be more competitive.

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Xeridia renews its software development process certification