Soul-fi has selected Xeridia´s built upon Fi-Ware technologies project.

The European Union, FI-WARE, and the SOUL-FI accelerator programme are the subsidising frameworks.

Xeridia´s has been one of the projects selected by the Soul-Fi accelerator program, from the 182 European SMEs and startups candidates that participated in the program.

The project, called SCEPA (Smart City Energy Performance Analysis), is based on the open technological standard Fi-Ware and uses Smarkia Monitor as the monitoring tool. The goal is to build a set of tools for energy asset definition, with all related variables, categorization and analysis and visualization tools that will allow an easy way to rank the efficiency level of each asset in all categories and subcategories to which the asset belongs. The system should allow data standardization in order to facilitate the work with them and then provide a comparison of the energy efficiency of different categories based on the results.

Soul-Fi was founded by the EU under the “Future Internet PPP” umbrella, which aims to create innovative web solutions in order to promote smart living habits among European citizens, regarding their quality of life, mobility, efficient resources and tourism.