The ASASEC project, awarded by El Mundo

The project, in which Xeridia participates, stands out for its use of innovative technologies for child protection.

As we already announced in our April eNews, at the end of March we commenced work on the second phase of a European project coordinated by INTECO, called ASASEC (Advisory System Against Sexual Exploitation of Children).


This project consists of the development of software that will improve the current technical means for combating child pornography. In addition to the relevance of the project and the technological challenges undertaken, it is much more so due to its significance and actual objectives. In this project, Xeridia has assumed responsibility for the management tools of the various modules and for the integration of said modules therebetween.


The result, an application that stands out for its innovative characteristics, was acknowledged as the best ICT project at the 2014 Innovative Prizes award ceremony held recently which, for the fourth year, was awarded by El Mundo Castilla y León. Xeridia would like to congratulate INTECO, the Univesity of León and all the members of the consortium that participated in this relevant project, which will aid investigators in the resolution of these types of crimes.