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Modernization of applications through the use of the Low-Code Platform


Modernization of applications through Low-Code

Modernization of applications through the use of the Low-Code Platform

Our client, an important Spanish Construction and Infrastructure company, in the process of renovating and updating processes in the company, was faced with the need to give continuity to different applications or modules of its Management Platform, especially due to the imminent replacement of its Corporate ERP, with which numerous dependencies were maintained.

One of these core applications, at risk of becoming out of service, was the Quality Audit Management tool, originally based on Visual Basic, which had been in continuous evolution for more than 15 years within the company.

The client requested Xeridia to migrate and modernize the application, and given the urgency and the limited time available, the use of a Low-Code platform for rapid development was proposed to meet this requirement within the available deadlines.

The chosen Low-code solution: OutSystems.

At the same time that all the identified functional needs were met, it was essential, as one of the key points of the new solution, to improve the user experience and its intuitive use, both aspects that could be improved and that had been very limited with the previous solution.

The new application also had to provide a flexible and scalable evolution, which would allow for an agile adjustment to changes in the systems that originally supported the application and that would be declared obsolete in the coming months.

The solution applied by Xeridia consisted in the re-architecture and renovation of this application for Audit Management, with a modular and multi-language development aligned with the company’s internationalization policy and allowing maximum use of the applications developed in the future.

This guaranteed the uniformity of developments and deployment for future migrations of other apps, with simple and optimized processes, maximizing the reuse of modules previously developed at the corporate level.

The modernization of the app was made with the high performance Low-Code platform OutSystems, it was chosen, essentially, by three factors:

  • Easiness and speed of development, boosting the productivity of the developers, from the most junior profiles, and with quick deployments of high value complex apps.
  • Scalability, taking advantage of all the benefits of a cloud deployment with resources adapted to the needs of the business at all times.
  • Agile development capabilities, adapting better to changes with continuous and specific deployments of the affected modules, and providing greater flexibility and innovation capacity.

Agile and innovative development.

The new application provided a renewed and modern user experience, fully aligned with the preferences and needs expressed by users: calendars, search engines, visual identification by colors depending on the nature of the data, data export and reports, graphics…

In addition to the Management of Quality Audits, the app also allowed the management of Complaints and Satisfaction Surveys conducted with end customers, providing a powerful management tool for dynamic and personalized questionnaires, thus adapting to any type of casuistry and granularity required with a simple and intuitive use.

Integration with the different corporate systems involved in the audit management and planning process was also carried out, and the necessary configuration mechanisms were provided to facilitate the client’s autonomy in the event of possible changes.

Another key aspect of the app was the inclusion of the management of user roles and permissions, both internal and external auditors, and the generation and correct management of notifications with authenticated links to documents.

Xeridia completed this modernisation of the web app in 2 months perfectly reflecting the philosophy of the OutSystems solution.

The result was a modern, agile and flexible architecture, focused on the customer and on improving their digital experience, with significant cost optimisation over traditional applications, both in development and maintenance.

The solution developed amply complied with the required levels of operability and security, being implemented throughout the division at international level and offering this service globally with excellent ratings from the application’s users.