ALM and Devops consulting services

Create A Perfectly Aligned And Collaborative IT Team To Deliver Reliable Applications Faster

Xeridia helps you adopt or improve your ALM and DevOps journey, no matter the state of your current application development processes. We work hand in hand with you to undertake your agile challenges, including all of the cultural, methodology and technology implications.

What you'll get

Our certified Scrum experts have years of experience leading projects that enhance cross-team collaboration and successfully deliver reliable applications faster.

Management costs reduction with DevOps consultancy

Reduction in management costs

Increased control with DevOps consultancy

Increased control over project quality and status

Improved productivity with Devops consultancy

Improved productivity and efficiency

Accelerated Time to market with devops consultancy

Accelerated time to market

How We Help Our Clients Succeed

The Xeridia consultancy program is aimed at improving and automating the management of the software development and operations processes.

I want to focus on development

I want to adopt
DevOps approach

We can help you…
  • Plan, implement and maintain your application lifecycle
  • Release higher quality software and achieve end-to-end traceability
  • Apply proven application development management best practices
  • Design the best set of ALM for you
  • Identify improvement opportunities in your current processes
  • Increase the productivity of your team and reduce costs

Make the most out of our certified ALM consultants


How we optimise your ALM practices

  1. 1 Review and assess your current development tools, practices and gap analysis
  2. 2 Design an adoption strategy and technical roadmap for improvements
  3. 3 Implementation of process and tool set
  4. 4 Customised training and coaching that´s right for you
  5. 5 On-going health check assessments

I want to adopt
DevOps approach

We can help you… Accelerate your software releases with more reliability
to ensure the smooth running of your continuous delivery pipeline
Plan + Code + Build + Test + Release + Continuous Delivery
  • Learn and implement DevOps best practices
  • Educate and empower your team towards a DevOps culture
  • Create a dynamic and flexible IT environment
  • Automate the continuous delivery pipeline
  • Complete customization and integration of those suitable tools
  • Continuous monitoring of your team´s progress

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How We Apply Agile To Ops

  1. 1 Develop holistic picture of you current state of communication, integration and collaboration between software developers, project managers and operators to fully understand your company’s readiness for transformation
  2. 2 Submission of a Devops maturity and gap report
  3. 3 Proper planning to find the right combination of tools, processes and people
  4. 4 Implementation of a common process for the developers and the operations team to continuously integrate and deliver IT services, from development to production
  5. 5 Mentor and empower internal staff to develop a culture of collaboration