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Quality Policy

Xeridia UK Ltd – Vision, Mission and Values

1. Vision

In Xeridia our goal is to become an international leading company in the field of advanced custom software development. We are specialized in implementing innovative technological solutions for particularly complex needs, thanks to the expertise and experience of our team of professionals.

2. Mission

Xeridia’s mission is to provide technological services in the form of developing advanced customized software solutions and offering technological consultancy, with a focus on addressing the complex and critical business needs of our clients.

Our products are designed for companies and institutions in both the national and international market, contributing to the development of the business and social network of our local community in León, Spain. This dual approach, combining business activities for clients worldwide with a strong commitment to our local roots, is at the core of Xeridia’s identity and purpose.

Our competitive advantage lies in our team of expert professionals who are committed to delivering high-quality services with added value, while also ensuring that we meet agreed-upon deadlines.

3. Our Values

The principles that govern our activity are the following:

  1. Honesty: Transparency, integrity, and fairness are at the core of our relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers.

  1. Personas: each member of our team is valued, and maintaining a positive employee experience is a priority. We strive to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives through a wellness plan.

  1. Valor añadido: we rely on the quality of the services provided, based on the knowledge and experience of our employees integrated in multidisciplinary work teams of high responsibility and diligence.

  1. Empatía: we focus on providing value to the client from the perspective and vision of the end user, satisfying real needs and with lasting value.

  1. Innovación: we develop services based on emerging technologies, creating and innovating new products or adopting new ways of working, as a source of growth for the company and the people who work in it.

  1. Pasión: all of our team members share a passion for technology and the work we do every day. You will be the best at what you love.

4. Suppliers follow-up

To ensure the responsible performance of our suppliers, Xeridia has established a diagnosis and evaluation system to ensure that the requirements established in the contract are met.

We conduct ongoing assessments of our suppliers, which allows us to prioritise which suppliers to contract with, renew commitments, seek improvements in the quality and efficiency of services and how to interact in the context of the purchase, all under the criteria established in previous planning stages.

In order to evaluate suppliers, we have established the following quantifiable criteria, from which we obtain a value that qualifies each supplier:

  • Capacity to supply products.

  • Experience.

  • Quality – Price.

  • Delivery times and guarantees.

According to these criteria, Xeridia conducts an annual assessment of its suppliers and acts in different ways depending on the non-conformities detected:

  • Continuing the relationship with the supplier.
  • Communicating the non-conformities detected to the supplier, giving them an opportunity to improve.
  • Ending the relationship with the supplier.