Big Data-Apache Spark

Welcome To The Big Data Era

Spark is the next generation of Big Data technology, bringing unparalleled speed, efficiency and interactivity.
Our state-of-the-art stream processing system interactively adds and analyses data in real time.

Get Super-Fast Streaming Data Analysis

The faster and more real the data analysis, the more immediate the decision-making



Spark runs programs 100 times faster in memory and 10 times faster on disk than MapReduce.


We support MapReduce and machine learning as well as memory processing and streaming of graphics.
General nature

General Purpose

Many tools can be combined within the same application including; Spark SQL, MLlib, GraphX, and Spark Streaming.


Integrate with the primary databases including; NoSQL: Cassandra, MongoDB, ElasticSearh and more.
Ease of use

Ease of use

Develop applications in Java, Scala or Python quickly without the need for MapReduce operations and complex environments.
Tolerance of error

Error tolerance

Unlike other streaming solutions, Spark recovers lost work.

Data Agnostic

Spark enable reading any data from Hadoop and can be easily integrated with various versions.


Lower the use of storage on disks and take advantage of memory.

Spark related services

Xeridia has certified professionals in both development and implementation of Big Data technologies and architectures.
We have the technical knowledge, skills and capabilities to develop, maintain and optimise projects based on Apache Spark, including installation and administration of clusters based on this technology.

Consulting Xeridia provides the guidance and practical experience to undertake the unique challenges raised by Big Data.
Deployment Our solution architecture team will help you successfully install and maintain infrastructures built on Spark.
Development End-to-end development of bespoke Big Data solutions.

Do you want to capitalise on the potential of Big Data?