Agile project management tool ORBIS

The Definitive DevOps Toolchain

Orbis is more than an agile team tool, Orbis is an ALM solution that automates software development and delivery processes. Principally built on Atlassian Software, our suite of tools will help your team increase traceability, reduce waste and stay aligned.

Why Orbis

Orbis creates a unified and automated system for developing and delivering high-performing software applications.
Regardless of your methodology, you can manage and automate end-to-end software delivery and deployment:

Devops process with ORBIS
  • Team Resources
  • Development process
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Release management
  • Quality assurance
  • Technology Operations and Infrastructure
  • Deployment

How Orbis works

Harness the full power of Atlassian and various open-source technologies in a beautiful simple application.

Devops tool ORBIS technologies

Orbis Optimises The Management And Quality Of Your Projects

Mitigate risk in Devops

Mitigate risk

More frequent updates to production mean more control and less risk
Improve traceability with ORBIS


End-to-end visibility and oversight across teams at all stages of the projects
Focus on productivity with ORBIS


Accelerate development time by minimising project management administrative overheads
Boost quality with ORBIS

Boost quality

Get improvements in both the processes and results
Flexibility with ORBIS


Adaptable to various methodologies and processes including; CMMI, Scrum, Kanban, Lean and more
Stability in Devops with ORBIS

Stability and Security

Standardisation and automation of the application lifecycle
Reduce waste with ORBIS

Reduce waste

Minimise waste by avoiding handoffs and discrete steps
Efficiency with ORBIS


Save costs and time by reducing project resources and timelines
Faster audits with ORBIS

Faster audits

Quick response to internal & External IT project audits

Main features

Orbis is an extensive suite of cutting-edge technologies

  • One solution to cover all the development and operation needs
  • Integrated software quality through SonarQube
  • Automated documentation and deliverables through Confluence plugins & Blueprints
  • Integrated APM (Application Performance Monitoring) through New Relic
  • Automation of continuous integration, delivery and deployment (Bamboo, Jenkins, Ansible)
  • Automated software testing in all phases (unit, integration, functional, BDD, etc)

Complementary services

Success in DevOps is highly dependent on the tools used. Orbis is a suite of next generation technologies that foster high performance development teams and smoother operations.
For any further help on the DevOps approach or if you want to get the most out of Orbis, we provide a comprehensive offering around Orbis:

Devops Consultancy services


New to DevOps? Let Our Consultants remove your inefficiencies and improve your results.
Devops Tool selection services

Tool selection

As a flexible platform, Orbis can be integrate with various different tools. Just tell us your preferences.
Devops migration and implementation services

Migration and implementation

We help you adopt Orbis as well as migrate your data and exiting tools.
Orbis devops tool customization and branding

Customization and branding

Personalise the look and feel or implement a bespoke theme to your platform.
Orbis Add-ons development service


We can add new tools and tailored or third-party plugins.
Orbis devops tool maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

Get ongoing support of the application lifecycle and harness its full power.

Take your IT projects to the next level