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Environmental Management Policy

1. Objective

In Xeridia UK Ltd we are concerned about the environmental effect of our activity. As a result, our goal is to establish a sustainable company where care and respect for the environment prevail, in collaboration with our suppliers and customers.

2. Fundamental principles

We have implemented a policy related to Environmental Management where we we identify, evaluate and mitigate the negative environmental effect generated by the company.

We are optimising the implementation of agreed measures aimed at reducing emissions, pollution or excessive consumption.

3. Major action lines

  • Increasing a sense of responsibility and environmental consciousness among employees, suppliers, and customers to encourage the adoption of positive habits
  • Reducing and recycling waste caused by the company
  • Lower expenses that affect sustainability and the environment such as:
    • Determined commitment to minimise the impact on the environment due to Xeridia’s activity, with special attention to the protection of the environment including the prevention of pollution caused by electronic waste and atmospheric emissions
    • Enhancing energy efficiency to reduce consumption
    • Lowering greenhouse gas emissions
    • Optimising water use
    • Removing paper use
    • Reducing travel by promoting the intensive use of video conferences